Application – Fetch user info

In the application tab of the UiM, it will forward the user info to your website. (it can be the shopping, gaming website and so on.)

You will first get an API-KEY from us, and this key is used to validate the data we forward, and also to avoid the fake request.

  • You can check this example, and modify the target URL of form to your web link for the testing.

UiM will forward these variables:

  • userID: User ID (unique)
  • full_name: User name
  • created_at: User account creation time.
  • timestamp: current time (to avoid the fake request and the validation)
  • signature: an authentication token, it computes like this: md5(userID + ‘|’ + timestamp + ‘|’ + API-KEY))


API-KEY is 87bc2c63c58a396e86f4bceaaf2a79bb

So the request data you got is (in form post format)

userID: 45202103
full_name: hhhhhh
create_at: 2018-09-05 15:55:13
timestamp: 1536738708
signature: 1c9d707534a726c7f4810d149631144d

signature = md5(‘45202103|1536738708|87bc2c63c58a396e86f4bceaaf2a79bb’) = 1c9d707534a726c7f4810d149631144d